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"Born to Storms" Discussion

I am looking for people for a top-level design exercise:

Hack Title: "Born to Storms" Discussion
Top-Level Project: Born to Storms, a novel
Our young people face historic challenges with our climate crisis. They need literature that provides them with encouragement to take on these problems with bravery and determination.
Literature about disturbing dystopias will not do. Literature with cardboard-cutout comic book heroes will not do. Literature that describes resorting to violence to address social problems will not do.
What is needed are stories about believable characters in realistic situations. Sometimes they win and sometimes they lose but they always put up the good fight.
Joseph Campbell showed us that stories are at the basis of all societies. The most basic of these stories is the hero’s journey. A young person goes on a great journey and must persevere though on many dangerous adventures before returning home much the wiser for the experience. Now we must write these stories a new for a sustainable Earth:
Set in the 2020s, a young woman, supported by an Artificial Intelligence, driven from her home by storms and rising seas embarks on a life affirming struggle to find and support many people in action on our climate crisis.
All stories for young adults must have some magic these days, but classical magic is completely unrealistic and only supports unworkable solutions in any real world. Therefore, the magic in this story comes from:
Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.
*** Arthur C. Clarke
Please join us now on this new road, adventure awaits.
Submission: For this hack, I hope to get advice from people with life experience similar to the following characters who have diverse cultural backgrounds:

1. Sarah – A female Afro-American high school student. She has been driven from her beloved beach condo by rising seas.
2. JanetA – An artificial intelligence who has had extensive training to live with Sarah as symbionts. She is also incorporated and thereby a corporate person.
3. Dea – A middle-aged Afro-American woman who has been driven from her ancestral home in the Mississippi delta by salt intrusion. She now cooks for large numbers of people.
4. Mick Roanhorse – A young man and member of the Navajo Nation. A teller of stories.
5. Batannie -- A native African young man from the area around Mount Kilimanjaro. He is trying to understand the Serengeti.
6. Iranga – A young person from Sri Lanka who is much concerned about the plight of elephants.
7. Bibba – A female anthropology student in Europe. She has made a study of the power of stories.
8. Aadya – A young Moslem woman in Bangladesh who is studying to administer refugee camps.
9. Bangladesh farmer – An older man driven from his ancestral land by salt intrusion. Farther of Aadya and a Moslem.
10. Chief Petty Officer Kenneth B. Jones – A white middle-aged man and member of the United States Navy.
We also need someone who can do a little Wit.ai. I cannot get through the sign-in. We have a short story, “Southern Ice” with lots of human/AI dialogue, which would make a good example.
Please let me know if you would like to see this short story.
Tom Riley


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