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Video time limit

For AI track of FB hackathon it took me 5 min, to demonstrate each and every working of chatbot. Is it ok to submit that video? I tried but couldn't compress it in 2 min time. Else people using the bot won't get the complete idea. What to do?


  • Manager   •   over 3 years ago

    Hey Prathamesh,

    No problem. The video length is a suggestion, not a hard requirement. It's ok if you go over.


  •   •   over 3 years ago

    Just a comment on this from another participant. To keep a relatively level playing field, videos *should* be close to the same length. 10-15 seconds over 2 minutes seems okay, but most teams will be cutting out features and content from their videos to make the 2 minute time limit. The project is being submitted for review so that it can be further tested, so the video does not need to include everything. Leave out login, peripheral features, etc. and focus on one specific use case to show the value of the project.

  • Manager   •   over 3 years ago

    In addition to what Ed mentioned, it's also good to cover the key features in the video and if there are additional things you don't get to include, you can definitely explain them in the text description!

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