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over 3 years ago

Final call: Submissions close Wednesday (June 24)!

Just a final shout-out these are the last few days to work on your project and submit to the Facebook Hackathon: AI.

Final checklist:

  • Are you submitting a Natural Language experience that can help people's lives that touches on all of the judging criteria?
  • Does your solution creatively use  
  • Have you created a submission video? Does your video clearly demonstrate how your app works? Is it about 2 minutes long?? (See these video-making tips)
  • Have you included at least one screenshot of your project?
  • Have you provided access to your project for judging and testing?

You are almost to the finish line! Submissions are due June 24 before 5pm ET. (Find out what time that is in your city.)

Good luck!